Question : Where used object?

Hi folks, Anyone of you knows how to obtain where used object? For example: I have an object id table 156 (Resource), and want to know objects use table 156 (Resource). and I’ll get a list like form id 76 (Resource Card), etc. Currently I only know, this object uses what objects but not in the reverse side. [B)] Thanks in advance, Jemmy

Hi jemmy, Maybe you can try using the Navision Developer Tool kit. It has the “where - used” feature that lists all the objects that uses a particular table. Ramya Venkat

Anyone any ideas on this for a report object.

I have a db that has had many developers working on it and apart from exporting all the objects into text format and searching, is there a way to see where this report is used?

This is an old topic and maybe there has been some development in this area?



I think the NDT is still the right tool to do that. Exporting and importing into the toolkit takes it time though…

There is no way to do this without exporting the objects to text. But you don’t have to exporting all of the objects. The developers toolkit allows you to only export and import the objects that have been changed since a certain day. And both the export and import can be done in one step from the Dev Toolkit.