Question on Master Planning

  1. My Automatic Copy of planned orders doesn’t seem to be working. When I have 2 plans and Static plan generates orders I should ideally expect the same order to be seen in the dynamic plan as well. But this doesn’t happen. Any recommendations why it would be happening so. 2) For Planned Orders, there is field Status with values Unprocessed, Processed and Approved. I have gone thru the field help. Its has a very limited explanation about firming etc. What can done with this field and how this field can be used in practice? If the status is changed how does it impact etc. Can some one explain.

Hi Rajendra, I have forwarded a document on ‘Master planning’ to your email address. Please let me know whether it helps. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi, The functionality is like this.Say you have two master plans one static and other is dynamic and your option of copying is enabled.So what dynamic plan will do is that it will copy the information from static master plan and enhace it.say for ex that till last day you have run static master plan and today you have received some extra sales orders and you don’t want to disturb your static master plan settings ,but still want to give realistic delivery dates to your customers than you copy information from your static master plan and create dynamic master plan.

Hi, The automatic copy of the dyn. plan is only done when running the static master plan without selecting any criteria. Maybe this is /was the problem… Greetings, Johan

Hi again, About the status: If you want to seperate the functions of “approving” and “firming” the planned orders, you could configure that the person who firms only sees the approved planned orders by setting a filter for this person on “status”. Regards, Johan

Hi Harish: It would be great if you could send the document on Master Planning that you sent to Rajendra to me too. We are running Axapta but are having some problems with understanding Master Planning - static vs dynamic plans etc. Regards, Sumeet

Hi Sumeet, Yes - I can send you the document. If possible could you let me know your mail address please. BTW, if you speak to local MBS, you should be able to purchase printed help documents. If you are a customer, please speak to your reseller. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Thanks Harish: My email id is The strange thing is that when we received the product CD for installation, we got most of the documentation on the CD - except Master Planning and Production. I have already requested the partner here but they have not been able to help me. Regards, Sumeet

Hi Sumeet, Sorry I missed your post. Just now forwarded a document on Master planning. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish,

Can you please forward the document on Master planning to I’m facing a similar issue running the “Net Change” via Dynamic Master plan.

Thanks in advance.