Question on Limited User CAL Licenses in NAV

Given that I have purchased a Dynamics NAV Limited user license,

Can limited end user having access only to stock and inventory perform

  1. stock adjustments

  2. Stock transfers

  3. Physical stock counts

  4. Raise purchase orders

  5. Generate purchase receipts

Can a limited end user having access only to sales module perform:-

  1. Process sales orders

  2. Sales delivery notes

  3. Sales invoice

  4. Sales receipts

Can a limited end user having access to the financials perform:-

  1. General Journal entries

  2. Payment Journals

  3. Receipt Journals

I look forward to getting your comments on these.

Not seeing your actual license it’s hard to answer, but in Documentation section there is a doc Dynamics ERP (NAV & GP) Perpetual Licensing Guide Sept 2012 Update which explains the new model, containing further links to more info inside.

The answer is easy:


Beside a list of certain standard tables such as dimensions, the write access is limited to three additional tables.

So you could create a basic sales order but not post it as this would cause at least 4 tables to be accessed.

It turns out that the limited users are useless.

Limited can not post anything by design, as they do not have write access to GL (and GL can NOT be among these allowed 3 additional tables).

but all Dimension-related tables do not count against additional allowed, full list of exceptions is in that doc’s appendix.

I would not say Limited is completely useless, bigger companies could use them for bulk doc entry - say, a low-qualified staff (e.g. student working part-time in the evenings [;)] ) simply keys in hundreds of incoming invoices, which later are reviewed / posted by regular AP staff…