Question : Navision Time Zone feature

Hello I have some questions in Navision time zone : 1. when I have some users in USA and I have Server-Database at Thailand (Bangkok) , They are login to Server Bangkok from USA Client transaction PO from them it be local time USA .In question Navision have function time zone adjustment if local Client in USA set incorrect timezone,date or time ,How should I do ? If client in USA have incorrect timezone ,date and time client too. How did Navision have function to manage time zone or date at Client USA for write in correct date and time in transaction at Database. P.S. If I set by used command “w32tm” How can i used this command for set client time zone ? Thank you

This corresponds only to DateTime Fields not Date nor Time. DateTime data that is entered in one client machine is recalculated according to client OS time zone settings to UTC DateTime and this value is stored in DB. (Check with SQL QA) When user retrievs data, DateTime is recalculated back from UTC to local time (again according to client pc time zone settings). Even more: open Navision with some DateTime data and then change timezone. Date times are recalcualted instantly. User allways sees all datetime data in his timezone regardless of who entered the data. E.G. You in Thailand(+7) create a transaction at May 9th 2004, 15:00 locally. In DB it is sotred in UTC: May 9th 2004 8:00. If client in USA-NY (-5) reads this, he gets May 9th 2004 3:00 and a client on Hawaii (-10) gets May 8th 2004 22:00 this is independant of server’s time zone, so there is no need to change time zones from Navision.