Question: Error - A Frame cannot be activated

Hi All I’m working on a graphical interface in Navision Attain. It’s combined with hotkey ALT+ keypresses. When I press ALT+ an error “A Frame cannot be activated” or in danish “En frame kan ikke blive aktiveret” (woow resemblence) not even the debugger or client monitor can trace/catch this error. Please, if someone have the solution, let me know :slight_smile: regards Henrik Ohm Navision Developer Copenhagen

Perhaps a detail explaination can help us to answer your question.

when i activate the debugger and code is not shown, the problem is about a property. but better as SK said, a detailed explanation could help us to help you (wow!). regards

thanx, so here is what happens: 1. I have made some subforms and frames. 2. I have made some buttons with ALT hotkey functionality like ALT+d 3. When I press say ALT+d, an error message pops up, saying: “A frame cannot be activated” 4. BEFORE I hit ALT+d, I have been trying to catch this error using a. The debugger with OnTrigger and OnError AND b. The Client monitor started. 5. The error message “A frame cannot be activated” pops up, BEFORE the debugger/client mon. can catch the error and CRASHES my FORM (not all attain). hope that this explaination can help. PS: I will try also to step through all the PROPERTIES… but if you have an idea of this problem, please reply… regards and thanx Henrik Ohm

Hi coolmck thanx for the advise about properties… Apparently ALT+… CANNOT (of my experience) be used if the button isn’t FOCUSABLE = TRUE if FOCUSABLE = FALSE the button can STILL be pressed? but the ALT+… functionality cannot be used … DAMN thanx and have a nice day Henrik Ohm

Hi Henrik, 1) Are you giving the button caption for example &Click and when you press Alt+C will autoclick the button ? 2) Which Attain function are you using ? 3) How can we help to simulate your problem ?

Hi, Such kind of error comes only when we try to enable/disable a lable or frame control or those property of control which is not set at run time. Please make sure that you are not setting this property of frame.

hi to everyone focusable property means that the system ‘remarks’ the control with a dotted line, as windows does with buttons. also in navision the focusable property is used to make a control can gain focus, this means: ‘remind the latest control pressed’. but if focusable is false, you can use alt+key to autoclick a button, and also the button can be manually pressed with your ‘mice’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: please take a look at navision technical help in this way: at design time select a control, open its properties, select Focusable (or another one) and then press F1 key. the help that appears says all about the property you had selected. in c/al you can do the same with functions (setrange, setfilter…) by selecting the chosen sentence and then pressing F1 key from the c/al symbol menu. hope this could be useful to anyone who don’t know this navision feature… regards to all.