Question about the Price/Discount agreement journals

The following screen shot is the sales prices for a specific “Price Group”, which are posted by “Price/Discount agreement journals”. It seems like that the price for the item in my sales order always use the first one when the item quantity hit into the range specified by the “From” and 'To".

I’m pretty sure that the prices in the above form are not sorted by the time when i created them, so my question is what is the rule for the system to identify the active price for my sales order item ?

many thanks.

I think it would consider the lowest price.

I see that line 2, 3 & 4 have same From and To values, so how would you want system to differentiate these when you have defined all details exactly same? If this is so, atleast define some other different criteria for the record to be uniquely identified.

What is the price taken if you specify qty= 10 on sales line? I think it will not take Price= 7.

Yes, it doesn’t. All it needs is a criteria to be picked for. You have From date, To date fields to accommodate the timelines.

Hi Kiran,

This is a testing system, i used it for testing purpose. The point is when i did something wrong, it seems like that i have no change to remove them. i’m not sure why the system doesn’t allow you to remove/delete the posted journal lines ?

Why remove when you actually can make the correction? Use the Edit selected lines option from View trade agreements form.

Dear dingjianrui,

the Agreement which you have made is totally wrong.

first you should have to date for the closed agreement and from date for the the active agreement.

now y you are overlapping the from and to unit, this function can work as mentioned below for your requirement.

(1) from 1 to 9

(2) from 8 to 10

(3) from 10 to 19

(4) from 18 to 20

apply this in your agreement and check this will give you result.

for further more you can contact me on skype for this agreement issue, i would love to solve this issue.

You can bring them into the journal and mark them as deleted and posting the journal deleted them.

The issue though as stated by others is overlapping quantities and the failure to use date control. I believe then if find next is ticked it picks the lowest, but if the prices are the same it will pick the first one it finds.