Question about the foreign currency revaluation

When i read the Microsoft official document for the Dynamics AX 2012, i got the notes as below, but i’m not sure what does it exactly mean, and the impact.

Can anyone give me some comments?

"Only revalue foreign currency amounts from Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable or General Ledger. If, for example, Foreign currency amounts are adjusted for customers by using the Accounts Receivable module, do not at the same time adjust Foreign currency amounts in the General Ledger module."

many thanks.

Let me try simplifying this.

When we are running the foreign currency revaluation from GL, we should not include AP and AR control accounts into this foreign currency revaluation process. Because, AP and AR control accounts automatically revaluated when we run the revaluation from AP and AR.

let me know if you need more details.

Hi Santosh,

i have a couple of question as below:

  1. When we run the “foreign currency revaluation” from GL, does this process only re-valuate the foreign currency main accounts with the check box “Foreign Currency Revaluation” checked ?

  2. if the assumption as above is correct, the AP and AR control accounts should not tick the “Foreign Currency Revaluation” check box, right ?

  3. do we have any additional settings for running the revaluation process for AP and AR ?

many thanks

  1. You are right. only the account which have the “foreign currency revaluation” checked will be considered for revaluation.


  1. No. You would need to just setup the revaluation accounts in Ledger form under GL>setup>