Question about exchange rate

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My client has a requirement like below:

At the begin of each month, they estimate an “Exchange Rate”, and all the transaction will be posted by this exchange rate, but by the end of that month, they will get another “Exchange Rate” from the bank. if the “Exchange rate” from bank is higher than the “estimated exchange rate”, then the variance will be posted into a gain account, but if the “Exchange Rate” from bank is lower than the “estimated exchange ate”, then the variance will be posted into the loss account.

How to meet this kind of requirement in the AX system?

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Try foreign currency revaluation batch Job

GL > Periodic > Foreign currency revaluation

Hi Sumit

Thanks for your reply.

When i run the batch job, how the system know which “Exchange Rate” should be used ?

I cannot see anywhere that i can specify the latest exchange rate.

Hi ,

This will need a little setup .

  1. You need to setup “Default Exchange rate type” in GL > Setup >ledger

  2. You need to set the exchange rates on different days for your currencies being used.

  3. You need to enable the “Foreign Currency Evaluation” checkbox for the respective ledger accounts

  4. Run the batch job

I am assuming you have setup the realized gain and loss accounts

Play with this in your test environment first

Hi Sumit

Does this mean, when i run the “Foreign Currency Revaluation” job, the system will always use the “latest exchange rate” to do the adjustment to transactions that i posted based on the earlier exchange rate ?


default exchange rate:

from July/01/2014 to July/30/2014, (USD to CNY rate = 8.0)

from July/30/2014 to July/31/2014, (USD to CNY rate = 8.5)

by the end of the month(July/31/2014), i run the “Foreign Currency Revaluation” job, the system will use the “8.5” to do the adjustment for the transactions posted between July/01/2014 to July/30/2014 ?

many thanks.

Yes , all open transactions will be adjusted with latest exchange rate .