Question about Dynamics enterprenuer

Hello, we’re a computer hardware trading company.We’re also retail and wholesaler of computer components,periphery and whole systems.We’re not a big company , with 10 staff persons.We’re planning to buy an ERP system and heared about Microsoft dynamics enterprenuer.Unfortunatelly it’s still not ready in our country Bulgaria.And could not get additional information about it as prices,functions,priority and defects of it.Can someone give us more inromation about it and consider if this can be our ERP system.

First, Entrepeneur is not really a “Navision”, but separate product, and second - I haven’t heard it to become a widespread product, available everywhere, but maybe I miss some information…

With MS current licensing policy you may consider one of 2 “standard” NAV packages - BRL Business Essentials or BRL Advanced Management, if the first one has not all necessary functionality included. Price mostly depends on concurrent user count, not amount of “granules” bought, as it was earlier with Module-based Licensing, if you have few users only, it wouldn’t be too expensive - precise pricing you should ask to NAV centres in your country, as prices are different in different countries. (I suggest not all 10 your employees need concurent access to NAV…)