Question about copying layers

I have a question about copying layer files from the development environment. If changes to the database structure were made in the development environment (say adding a new field to a table), can the layer files just be brought over the the live environment? After a compile and synchronization, will the live database reflect the changed structure without any data loss (will that new field be added to all existing records in the database)? We are currently in the pre-planning stages of our Axapta Implementation and this is just a question that crossed my mind. Thanks a lot!

Hey Man! By copying the hole layer to the prod and syncing you will completely overwrite what’s in prod and all changes will be reflected. Also drob the index file, and once you login into prod for the first time it will rebuild it. Allways worked for me, but be carefull, if some of your dev chnages aren’t ment to go in, they will. Hope that helps, Vlad.

Ok, that helps, but I was wondering about the data and how it would be affected.

hi don’t worry, the changes in the tables you have made will be reflected in the live database without any problems. Make sure all users are off. Stop the AOS if you use it. Overwrite your layer. Connect to Axapta using 2T. Do synchronization. and that’s all We do software development in Axapta (HR and Payroll Module) and we send every two weeks new version of our software to all of the clients and we didn’t notice any problems. We have our software in the layer ‘cus’ and we overwrite it every two weeks. Slawek