Query regarding sending Mails to multiple users

I am trying to send mail to “Multiple email id’s” using Mail codeUnit(397). Example: I want to include multiple email id’s in “To” as well in “CC” Please suggest

You can define the multiple To’s & CC’s address as long as they are saperated by semi colons (;). Mail Codeunit accepts a maximum of 80 characters in the ToName & CCName, but if you have a need to define the e-mail address which has more then 80 characters in total then you can modify the codeunit 397 to increase the length of ToName & CCName parameters in the NewMail function. I have test the following sample code and it works: (You can define the variable for the ToName, CCName, Subject etc.) ToName := ‘xyz@testmail.com;abc@testmail.us’; CCName := ‘test@xyz.com’; Subject := ‘Test Mail’; Body := ‘’; AttachFileName := ‘’; Mail.NewMessage(ToName,CCName,Subject,Body,AttachFileName,TRUE); Hope this will help. Naveen Jain