Query form question

Hi everybody. It seems like a simple question, but I can not find out how to control the query form of the report. Sometimes it has 2 tab pages (Criteria and Sort by), but sometimes it has 3 tab pages (Criteria and Sort by and Print option) Does anyone know how to set it? Thanks a lot.

Hi again Khue, Shortly, the report init dialog shows 3 tabs when the report uses a AutoDesignSpecs design type. By this you allow the IntelliMorph to control the design at runtime and to generate some additional elements - like grouping fields, adding totals, printing ranges (see tabs 2,3). When choosing the Generated desing, it is supposed that the printing logic is controlled in totally by the you, so the print totals/groupings are not necessary anymore. Usually is recommned to use AutoDesignSpecs designs, as it provides more flexibility. However, for documents with standard formats, like cheques, standard reports etc. the Detailed design is more appropriate.

Thanks Ciprian, You did help me a lot. Best regards,