Query extended range failure: Right parenthesis expected near pos 19.

Hi Everyone,

i have created a query (below) and when i run it .it gets this error(Query extended range failure: Right parenthesis expected near pos 19)

Below is my code.


Please anyone sugges me.

Can you please show us what you’re passing to queryBuiltRange.value(), i.e. what you get from strFmt()? We don’t know what you have in GetValue control.

Also, is queryBuiltRange a range for Table5?



Table5 in QueryBuildRange below is the code,

queryBuiltRange =queryBuildDataSource.addRange(fieldNum(Table5,ItemType));

But why you do such a thing at all? As you see, the extended query syntax is ugly and error-prone; you shouldn’t use it unless necessary. And it’s not necessary in your case; you can simply use this:

stringValueRange = queryBuildDataSource.addRange(fieldNum(Table5, StringValue));

Isn’t it much easier?