Query extended range failure: Right parenthesis expected near pos 106.

i have done some changes in the PriceDiscTable Form and tried to open the form. then i am getting the above error. I have added only one method to the form and removed it still it is throwing the error.

Path for the form is Under Sales & Marketing module–>> Setup ----->>> in price/discount section—> item discount groups discerror.PNG

after opening that select trade aggrements —>> first option as shown in picture


then i am getting the bellow error

tried to debug the issues the debugger is throwing the error in reSelect method of the form.

Have you looked at the query generated while debugging?

Hi Kranthi how to Check the query. I tried in the debuger and unable to find the query which is executing.

Looking at the variables window. Example - PriceDiscTable_Q

At what line of code you are getting this error?

Try also looking at this method, buildViewAllAgreementFilter