Query Build Data Source

Dear All

I use axapta 2009 and sql server 2008.

I Have a report withdatasource like this :

when I debug this report, I can’t find my parameter I have insert before in inventtable. The supergroup ID when I insert in parameter is never found in this query.

This is my parameter what I want. I want to retrieve report refer to this Inventtable.SuperGroupId Parameter

It can happen because your query is overwritten by a saved version, because ItemSuperGroupId is empty, the right datasource has a different ID (please don’t refer to datasources by index, it’s error prone and not readable), the problem is in how you check the existence or it’s caused by any of infinite number of possible bugs… You really need to do more work with debugging.

Also giving us more information about what you did and where would help us to give you a more concrete advice.