Query based report showing only one data in report

hi i wanted to print a report which consists of 9 fields

1-lot no----- I am taking this field from PurchLine.inventtransID

2-invoice/do number vendinvoicejour.invoiceid

3-PO no-vendinvoicejour.PoNo

4-item describtion---------------purchline.itemname()

5-qty---------------------------------- purchline.purchqty

6-unit coset–purchline.purchprice

7-total------purchline.line amount


9-vendor name------------------------------------- purchtable.

and i am using a precision design and a query to fetch the record, so want i have done is i have created a new query and added a datasource for purchline and set releation as yes it is 1:n to purchtable and inside purchtable’s datasource i am adding vendorinvoicejour

but when i run it always show only one vaulue not showing the complete vaulue… not sure whether the table relation is correct or not…

Hi Rohit ,

I hope u r trying SSRS reporting , if so , better to use RDP class and in those three table vend-group Relation is avail

so built the relation by vendGroup and purchid accordingly in query .