Quarantine orders cannot be closed


I am using AX2009. I have some quarantine orders that I have created manually. I have Started them, after that the new state is Sample delivered to Quality and a Quality order has been created. I have finished it and now I want to end the quarantine order but when I click End, a warning message pops out it says something like: “There is no annex associated with quarantine order number XXXX”. I don’t know how to translate it accurately.

I don’t know to which annex it is reffering and how I can close manually created quarantine orders. Does somebody know anything about this issue?

Thank you.

Hola Nacho, can you post the screen? If you change the lenguaje of AX to english you can see the message in english and no need to translate.


Hi Hector,

I’ve changed the language to English but the message disappears. I don’t know why this could be happening.

I post you the message in Spanish in case it’s of any use.



Have you checked the quality order attached to that quarantine order? It looks like the quality order created is still open…

Hi Vikas,

The state of the quality order is Released and Correct. I closed them personally, but it seems the quarantine orders still blocked.

Thank you.