Quarantine orders - can I move to a different Quarantine warehouse once started?

Is there a way or what is the proper way to move inventory from one quarantine warehouse to a different quarantine warehouse, once the item is already attached to a started quarantine order. For example,

I have a quarantine order started for ItemA and it is in QtnWhse1. Now, I decide that this actually should be placed in QtnWhse2. How can I perform this transaction?

Thank you!


The easiest solution, end the quarantine order and create a new one with the other quarantine warehouse.

  1. way is you can end the order in present warehouse and go do items → edit dimensions and change the warehouse to required warehouse for the two quarantine transactions.

  2. Or else you can go with what fabrico said.

  3. In the Quarantine Orders form - go to dimensions tab - in the Quarantine Inventory Dimensions group change the warehouse to the required quarantine warehouse manually and end the Quarantine Order.then go to item edit dimensions and in the receipts change the warehouse to the required warehouse for the quarantine transaction.

  4. end the quarantine order → go to registration and repost it.the status will be changed to Ordered. now again do the registration by changing the Quarantine Warehouse of the purchasing warehouse.