Quarantine order


I created a purchase order with 2 lines that item item A , B.

I assigned the Inventory model group for both items with the option quarantine = yes.

after i update the packing slip , system automatically createing the quanranitne orders ,but it is creating the two quarantine orders for two items.

here my point is , is it not possible to create the single qwuarantine order against one purchase order .

( that means if have the order 10 items in purchase order , but i want one quarantine order.)

Let me know about this .

do i need to setup any where to aceheive this one.

thanks and regards

You cannot achieve this.

As you have said it is item based, so you get one order per item.

You may get 2 items in on one purchase order, one is a 5 minute visual check, one is a two day quarantine, so it makes sense to have them separate. Also the purchase order may have 10 lines, with 2 items going to quarantine, and therefore again you do not want a quarantine order for the purchase order as all 8 lines not requiring quarantine would go in.

You can however simply mass update the quarantine orders from a filtered view, so it is not really an issue.

If it is you need to modify the system.

Also I would suggest you look at quality orders if you are in this area.

My dear sir,

Steven wrote :

Also the purchase order may have 10 lines, with 2 items going to quarantine, and therefore again you do not want a quarantine order for the purchase order as all 8 lines not requiring quarantine would go in.

The above explaination is really good .

Dear Adam,

i create the purchase order for an item A.

then system created the quarantine order and quality order.

in general process which order i need to complete first.

is it quarantine order or quality order ?

It depends how you have set the quality order association up, however I would say quality order then quarantine, that would be the point of raising the quality order on a quarantine order.

thanks Adam roue,

please let me know how to do this scenerio in Axapta to one of mycustomer.

  1. it is Manufacturing company . They have 4 ware houses under 4 sites.

  2. They will place the purchase order with ware house wise numberseries .

  3. they will place the purchase order against ware house wise even vendor same, item same.

  4. when they receive the materil , they will purt the Raw material stock in to quarantine .

  5. they will create the quarantine order.

  6. next they will inform to quality people , then quality people will raise the quality order.

  7. if it is ok, they will transfer to actual location.

  8. if the material is not accepted by quality , then they will raise the return order.

so My questions are

a) is it possible to create the location wise number series.

b ) is which order i need to create first , is it quality or quarantine order.

a) No, and it is not really relevant

b) Quarantine then Quality. The system will create the quarantine for you, it will then create the qualty order for you or you can do it manually.

The automated creation of quarantine orders (to ring fence stock) and quality orders (to check the AQL) is great, but there is one big limitation in the process.

On the stock model group you can turn on automatic quarantine management - great. On the quality associations you can automatically create a quality order from a quarantine order, but only off the report as finished or end actions. Not so great.

It would be better if the creation of the quarantine order with status “started” automatically created the quality order. Instead, you have to receive the stock, thus creating the quarantine order, then go to the quarantine order and report as finished to have the system auto generate the quality order.

I’m trying to create MANUAL quality orders, related with a production order reference, not inventory or other document. But when doing this AX is asking for a quality association (which I don’t want to use because they are supposed to be manual based on quality people desitions, they may not apply to all orders or more than one quality order for the same production order). I also have a message saying that the quantity is not the same as the document of reference, but I have read that this issue is related with a hotfix.

So, do I need a quality association to create a quality order related with a production order, or something is missing?