Quarantine Order AX 2012


To define the system parameter of quarantine i found that:

1- The quarantine order as system is triggered under the “Item Model Group > Warehouse Management > Quarantine Management” check box. This means that every item attached to Item model group “X” that have check box “on” will trigger a quarantine order for any move in the warehouses.

2- When i create any new warehouse i have to create a mirror warehouse with type of “Quarantine Warehouse”.

So if items quarantine function is on, it MUST enter a warehouse which have a quarantine warehouse, otherwise the system will promoting error, telling that your item needs a quarantine warehouse.

Things seems fine but;

this process so far showing that by attaching this to item model group will judge my item for a mandatory process that i might use sometimes and other times i don’t.


i have an item, which if i purchase it i need it to enter a quarantine warehouse and generate a quarantine order, but if i produce it i don’t want it to enter the quarantine warehouse, and i don’t want to generate a quarantine order.

So far i couldn’t find an answer for such a case; my current process is i created 2 item model groups, one with QC and another one without QC, and am assigning it accordingly; but it doesn’t make sense; with this solution am judging the item for the entire process to have a quarantine or to do not have it

is what am doing is right? or its not? any other solutions?



Can you tell me what is your exact query or requirement.


Hi Srikar,

First can you clarify whether my setting is correct to trigger quarantine orders?

Second, if i have one item, and this item when i purchase it i want it to enter the quarantine warehouse and generate quarantine order automatically, and when i produce it i want it to enter a none quarantine warehouse and without generating quarantine order.

Item can’t have two item model groups, and item model group can active or inactive the quarantine orders. so i cant find a solution for multiple use of the quarantine orders.


Hi Fadi Ghrawi,

setups which you have done for Quarantine order are fine. It will generate automatically Quarantine order when you buy the materials and it won’t generate Qrn’ order while you produce it.Inventory model group remains same for the item whether you buy or sell.


Hi Srikar,

So that means i shouldn’t create two item model groups, i only should create one and active the quarantine order, and the system is intelligent enough to generate quarantine order only for purchase receive only.

am i right? one item model group only.


Yes. One Inventory model group is enough.

Yes quarantine is all or nothing, however quality orders are not, you can trigger this functionality by a whole set of associations, and then you have the tests and non-conformance on the back, I suggest you assess this functionality as well.

Thanks for all the answers