Quarantine management In Stock Transfer (Receipt)

How can i use this functionality in ax 2009?

Quarantine management is working perfect during purchase transactions

The automatic functionality will not work with transfers Pratham, AX will automatically place the product in the quarantine whse just for purchase orders or for production orders for receptions.

You can use inter-company functionality (a sales order at site 1 automatically creates a purchase order at site 2 in order to receive the product) therefore as it will be received with a PO you can have quarantine functionality working. But I’m not sure if you can have this scenario working within the same site different warehouses, I believe that for this to work you would need different sites (intercompany sales order at site 1/whse X, intercompany purchase order at site 2/whse Y) but as I mention, when you create an intercompany document in one site, the system creates the opposite document in the related site automatically.