Quantity tolerance in purchase order

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How to handle receiving quantity less than quantity in purchase order? The current solution supported in Nav 4.0 is to add a negative line in the same PO, apply the posted receipt from the first line, and then ship it. This is too cumbersome given that the number of POs is too many. What I want is an ability to receive more or fewer than quantity in PO, and to close the PO, i.e: not including it in other functions such as planning. Is there any solution that can minimize as little as possible the impact of changing the core program?


I hope you know: some times (for whole Receipt/Qty) you can just open Receipt from the PO and use function “Undo receipt” from the Receipt’s card.




You will need to modify the system, you will need to put a control on the receipt line that when posted asks if the purchase order is fully received, or something like that, then if this is set to yes then you get the system to alter the quantity and associated fields to the receipt quantity to reduce any backorder. You will also need to consider the ramifications of doing this and the processing issues that can be caused. For example do you need to report on the shortage? if so you need to record the original quantity and the short shipped amount to try and discover why your suppliers are letting you down, or at least to be aware why you are planning arrivals and having lots of orders to expediate at additional costs when you no longer see an order quantity on the system!

The problem is I don’t want the original quantity in PO to change because it’s bad for audit. We’re dealing with material that can not be received in the exact amount as in ordered quantity (fresh milk), though we invoice the received quantity and not the original quantity. The arguably simplest alternative we come up with now is to add a “Closed” field in the PO header, and if it’s checked, then the PO is considered finished. I figure by doing this we also need to modify the Qty. on Purchase Order in Item Card to reduce the outstanding qty. I’m not a developer, so I don’t know how far the impact of forcing the PO to be completed this way. Will the planing calculation draw parameters from purchase line? What other functions are affected by modifying PO this way? The principle is to close the PO from the purchasing side, not the warehouse side.

As for report, yes, I need a report of PO vs. Receipts by comparing data from Quantity and Qty. Received, so this is why I can’t really alter the quantity or Qty. Received to match the qty.


We have done similar customization to one of our client.

Qty Receive Less than the Actual Order Qty:

if the Qty to receive in Warehouse receipt lines is less than Order qty then User should check the field “Close” this means no more receiving will be done for this PO.

Complete the Cycle of Receiving

Invoice- Based on the “Qty Received” and not on Order Qty.

Report- Generate report from the difference between Order qty and received qty. (Posted Purchase receipt)

Close the PO. Write a function to close the whole PO upon invoice posting as in Standard Navison the PO remains in the PO list until the complete qty is received.

Qty Receive More than the actual Order Qty:

Customize- Create a field “Item Tolerance” in Item card and set the Item tolerance for all Items or selected to receive more based on Percentage or on qty.

Invoice- Based on the “Qty Received” and not on Order Qty.

Report- Generate report from the difference between “Order qty” and “received qty” (Posted Purchase receipt)

My above suggestion to you is based on my client using a warehouse receipt for receiving and not PO for receiving, so you can also incorporate this method for your flow.

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Thanks for your suggestion. We’ve formulated a solution pretty much similar to yours, only we’re going to expand the quantity tolerance setup in three levels: general setup, item card, and transaction detail (purchase line). And the close function will probably be a report of some kind that can do batch PO closing. Got the idea from Report #499, a weird report, I think, considering that it closes PO by way of deleting it and leaving the warehouse receipt open and unposted.

Anyway, thanks!


Did you modify the planning worksheets as well or was it not necessary?

You would just need to consider this I suppose if you use the planning tools, they would still be seen as open and incoming. It also depends upon the timing delay between invoice processing and goods receipt. However I am sure you will have considered these and best of luck with it!