quality management addon for dynamics NAV


I need quality management add-on for one of our installation. It should be capable of tracking compliance, quality, validation, training records. also It should have document management functionality to meet ISO standards. also It should keep track of
Incoming, In-Process & Final Inspection results and Corrective and preventive action plans.

in summary, complete quality management add-on is needed.

does anyone know addon for this purpose? did anyone use it?

thanks in advance.

here are some links i found:



Great examples there Archer.

To your question: Are anyone using it?

It depends on what your requirements are. If they are as clear defined as it sounds as you have them already, then for sure take a look at one of these add-on’s.

In all the years I have been working with Navision, I have not once had a customer with such add-ons. Mostly their requirements have been much smaller, in regards to what they wanted inside NAV, so normally done with “a few hours” of programming. But it’s typically very industry dependent.


thank for your valuable responses.

as far as I remember, in 2006 or 2007, a partner whose name is Qurius as far as I remember has a huge solution for this. I guess that partner does not exist now since I could not find them on the web.does anyone know them or their solutions? how can I reach them now?


actually you are right. but I have been working with Dynamics NAV for 13 years and this is the first time a prospect pushes us to offer a complete quality management solution within project budget. so we need a complete solution which I defined above.

all of solutions you sent are used to keep operational test result. eg: Incomig, WIP or final test etc. so those are quality check add-ons. also tectura germany had this kind of solution.

any other comment?

Hi Ayhan,
Sounds great for you.

Qurius closed in 2012, they became QIPtree, but they are gone now too.

So I guess you’re also asking, which of the ISV’s with such an add-on, that we also think is most capable of supporting a new partner who have not worked with their product?

I have seen it so many times. Add-ons for NAV developed by the best developers available. But no training or support available. So my personal advise, when you find someone, then talk to a few of their existing partners in other countries first.

Hi Erik,

thanks for your valuable suggestions.

If I find an add-on and a partner, I will ask their support, too. but I need to find a partner and add-on first :slight_smile: