QC Module for Axapta


Is there any suitable QC-Addon for AXAPTA available from any of the Indial Microsoft Business Solution Partners?

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What is wrong with the quarantine management written into Axapta?


WIth AXAPTA Quaratine Management I can not:

-Define the Paramters(such as Length, Width, Thickness, Ph etc) that need to be tested.

-Define any Sampling Plan.

-Define Inspecting Departmetn or Personnel.

-Capture the Test Results.

This are some of the activties which I found could not be captured using the Quarantie Management available in AXAPTA.



Yep you will need an add-on then. I believe there is an official add-on catalogue - have you looked at this?

HOB in denmark has made one, http://www.hob.dk/DA/TopMenu/Brancher/Produktion.htm the site is in danish but the contact details are in the buttom