Purging of Data

Our NF 2.5 database currently stands at 17gb (fully optimised), Cust Ledger alone is 4.5gb, and we would like to purge obsolete data. Date Compression does not seem that efficient in respect to ‘clawing back’ disk space. My ideal way to purge data would be to run a variant of NF Backup whereby you can specify a purging-date with a result that all data prior to this is backed up to a fbk file along with objects etc… which can then be rebuilt off-line. At the end of the backup, data exported would then be erased – probably by a separate codeunit. Is anyone aware of a Solution Centre that has written anything?

Have you looked at the Date Compressing function in standard Financials? This will be able to do more or less exactly what you are talking about. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

As I said within the original posting, the Date Compression utility is not particularly effective in respect to releasing disk space. From initial testing on Cust Ledger from what it takes out it puts nearly two-thirds back in again as ‘Date Compressed Entry’. It also adds further entries to G/L Entry that wern’t there in the first place - although I am not too sure if this is a bug.

The best way to make your database smaller is to use date compression and then backup and restore into a smaller database. Just remember that you always need plenty of free space. I always recommend at least 25%. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Dave, The data compression has many options. It is certainly possible to run it and create the result you describe. Selecting other options will result in more significant database use reduction. Jim. Jim Hollcraft NCSD, NCSP, MCSE, CNE, MCP, MST aka Skater http://drilldot.com Unauthorized Navision News