PurchReqTable to DirpartyTable Relations


Relations from purchreqTable to Dirparty Table in AX 2012 R3, Kindly help me,

Thanks in Advance


What are you trying to get from the DirPartyTable?

From the PurchReqTable you would have to look at each PurchReqLine and the vendor account on that line. So now you are looking at the VendTable that has a direct relation to DirPartyTable_FK

VendTable.Party == DirPartyTable.RecId

So in a select you would have to say

select * from DirPartyTable
    join VendTable
    join PurchReqLine
    join PurchReqTable
    where VendTable.Party == DirPartyTable.RecId
    && PurchReqLine.VendAccount == VendTable.AccountNum
    && PurchReqLine.PurchId == PurchReqTable.PurchId;

Thank You AnthonyLivingston,

I am trying to get Based on Project Id in PurchReqTable .related to Project Id i need to Project manager name in DirPartyTable


Thank You Kranthi.

I am verifying the answer. Let us know if you see any issue.