Purchases - key in total line amount instead of Unit price

Dear all the gurus,

When create purchase order/invoice, can i key in the total amount instead of unit price?

Somehow the unit price x qty does not equal to invoice/quotation amount.
I know it is due to decimal rounding. but if I could key in the amount & system calculate the
unit price automatically. the problem will be solve.

I do seek for our system provider’s help, he insisted that I should should key in the Unit price, any diff with the p/invoice shall be adjusted to discount a/c or rounding a/c.



The problem is that there are two unit prices, “Unit Cost” and “Direct Unit cost”, navision assumes the differnce as a discount, and posts appropriately. If you do it a lot, you could get your partner to write a modification, or easier just enter the amount divided by qty into the unit cost field. eg if you buy 23 items and the total is $2500, then just go to unit cost, and enter “2500/23” Navision will do the math for you.