Purchaser Code in Business Central

Hi All,

I cannot see the Purchaser Code on the Vendor card, even though the user guide says that field is on the vendor card.

Can anyone tell me where this field lives? or should I be customizing the form to show the field.

Any help on this would be appreciated.



Check it out from Development Environment that its not accidentally removed.


Sorry not sure if I understand your comment, I am not working a development environment - so are you saying I should see if it does exist in a Dev environment?

Yes actually its a standard part so it must be there in Vendor Card, but still if you cant find then you should cross verify from development end too that it exist there ans not accidentally removed.


This does not seem to exist on the Dev environment either.



Purchaser Code field is available with Premium plan only.

you need to change user Experience in Company Information to Premium if not set already.