Purchase requisitions and purchase order relation

When we create purchase order from purchase requisitions, is there any menu that we can trackback that what is the purchase requisitions of this purchase order ???

Select the POLine, click General tab, you will see the Purchase requisition field and that shows the PR Number.

Santosh already explained how to view the information. Just a bit more information, in case you are interested.

There is no direct relationship between a PO and Purchase Requisition. In AX, a PO can be created from multiple Purchase Requisitions. And each Purchase Requisition could contain multiple Lines.

The relationship is from a PO to 0 or more Purchase Requisition Lines, and from each Purchase Request Line to its Purchase Requisition. But that still doesn’t help you. Knowing the PO AX can find all of the Purchase Requisitions related to it, but not which one any particular PO line came from.

So AX also has a relationship directly from a PO Line to a Purchase Requisition Line (assuming the PO line came from a PR). And of course, once AX has the Purchase Requisition Line, it can get the Purchase Requisition.

So that is why you have to select a PO Line before you can find out the related Purchase Requisition.