Purchase requisition requester can't modify Unit of measurement


Purchase requisition requester can’t modify Unit of measurement, it actually comes from the default unit entered in the item card in the purchase fast tab.

I heard that Unit of measurement can only be modified by the approver, but this is ridicules, only requester can know what unit he/she needs, it could Box or Pcs or anything, the only job for the PR requester is to enter the PR lines and details, and the Unit of measurement is a part of the information as it’s changeable based on the business need and requester.

could anyone help by guiding me if there is any Purchase police or setting that it can allow the requester to select the Unit :slight_smile: ?

thank you

It can’t be controlled with a setting. You would need to do a customization.

In my experience, most of the organizations don’t want the unit of measure to be changed by the requester.

So your companies trust the requester to key in quantity but they don’t trust him keying in Unit?

It’s 10000% a bug from Microsoft.

Quantity and unit is one piece of information and it can’t be divided, its like giving you 6 digits out 12 digits of my phone number, it basically means nothing.

Dear Fadi,

quantity is not a major issue as your requester make quantity of 10000 while receiving it can be control.

But if unit is wrong selected then it will spoil entire inventory of that item which will lead u to major problem while reconciliation of inventory.


10,000 of what? Piece, or box or cartoon?

Only requester knows what he wants, otherwise don’t allow him to key in in the first place.

What if user didn’t specify unit in puchase item? The requesters can’t do PR?

If requter select a a different unit then it shall have a unit of conversation, so everything is fine and no mistake, if it doesn’t have a unit of conversation then it will prompt ans error just like anywhere else in the system.

Again, quantity and unit is one piece of information, no excuses at all, doesn’t make any sense.



I’ve mentioned “most of the organizations” which means there could be some organizations which may want this to be edited :).

Business usually would like the users request the product in the default unit. I don’t deny your requirement of unit being editable field, but that requires a small customization.

It cannot be a “bug” because it is specifically designed this way [:D] If you do not like it log a request to Microsoft through the Connect tool to change it and in the meantime customize the “out-of-the-box” solution to do what you want it to do.

Another option is if you trust the requestor to fill in all of the details rather than the purchasing agent who understands the item and vendor positions you could get them to create the purchase order direct and control workflow on that.

Thanks for input.

Basically and to simplify, quantity and unit is one piece of information, can’t be divided, whether its so po pr do…

Its like giving me your first name without your last name, so it doesn’t mean anything.

Its not I trust my requester as am very unique, its that he is a requester and only him self knows what he wants, but he is not incharge of making it official Po nor he knows or authorized to select the vendor.

We should have the huge argument and doubting the position and the main business process as requisition just because Microsoft block the unit unrunreasonably, whether its a bug, or typo error in the code to block the unit too, or someone drunk too that decision, but it never make any sense.


I do not think it is an unreasonable block. The purchasing agent is in charge of the item from a purchasing perspective, they will have negotiated price breaks, agreements, bundling minimum shipments etc and all based upon the negotiations with the vendor that includes the unit of measure it is purchased in. The requestor is an internal task asking the business to requisition something for them, they are told the unit of measure and should request it in that unit. If the customer wants to work differently it is a customization. Whether you agree with how Microsoft have designed it is irrelevant, just know how it works and advise your client.

To me it makes perfect sense. Whether I agree with it or not is another matter, but the way Microsoft position it it makes perfect sense. From memory you cannot change the price either. However they change all of this with every release, so log a product enhancement and if enough people agree with you MS will consider it.