Purchase requisition not getting converted to Purchase Order

Hi , i have created a requistion in AX 2012 . I have activated the Automatic Purchase order creation in Purchasing Policy and supplier ,price everything is there in the requisition line , still it is going to “Released apprved requisition details” and not converting to a PO . Releases approved form details contains the PR line with the supplier

What can be the probabale reason ?

Thanks in advance,


Dear Sumit,

Are you creating policy after PR has been created? If yes, then the change of triggering it would be less.

What is the Policy effective date? It should be under the PR accounting date.

Is there any exceptional conditions also configured for Auto-PO creation? If yes, what are those?

I see that Supplier has been mentioned so there should not be any problem if everything was configured correctly.

Hi Kiran,

Policy is created before raising any requisition.

PR accounting date is under Policy date and its expiry is set to “Never”.

There are no condition set for auto PO creation.

Same configuration is working in Testing but failing in UAT

That’s quite Interesting. There must be something I believe is missing in the configuration. I hope you tried with other PRs too, otherwise if the behaviour is same which normally does not, then may be some debugging is required here.

check the purchasing policy - “what is the organization that you selected” in the policy, and ensure your PR line is referring to the same legal entity.

Just a guess.