Purchase Req Worksheet

Microsoft Navision 2009 SP1

Item Card: Replenishment Tab - Replenishment=Purchase, Lead Time= 3W, Manfacturing Policy=Make-to-Stock

Planning Tab - Reordering Policy=Max Qty, Reserve=Never, Reorder Point=25, Max Inventory=60

When running a Purchasing Requisition Worksheet the amount it suggests to order doesn’t take into consideration what has already been ordered on another PO. It doesn’t look at Items that will be sold on existing Sales Orders.

I have a Req that wants me to order Items that already are on a PO that would set the Qty on Hand way over the maximum. I am thinking it shouldn’t flag up to order it at all. Am I mis-understanding how the Req is supposed to work?

Is the person running the worksheet expected to evaluate all these parameters manually each time?

Thank you in advance.[*-)]

Are you using SKU’s?

What is the components at Location setting in the manufacturing setup?

NAV will suggest orders to exceed the maximum if demand requires it, but from what are saying it does not and it is related to NAV not knowing its locations.

From looking at other posts, I did check the manufacturing setup & it is correctly set at: Main

We do not use SKUs

There is an existing PO for a Vendor where we put in a hefty order for some of our fast moving Items, putting these particular Items well over our normal Maximum level. (Getting them in before a price increase.) There is a 4W lead time.

Purchasing Agent ran a report a couple of weeks after this PO was placed and some of these Items flagged up to order again, even though there is an existing PO already out there for them. We don’t need to order any more of these Items.

After reviewing the worksheet, it doesn’t seem to take into consideration what is already on order when it gives you an order qty. I am not sure if there is a bug, or is this the normal function.

Hi Miki,

Your issue may be date related - what date range are you using on the requisition worksheet - calculate plan and what is the expected receipt date for the purchase lines?

As standard it takes into consideration those items on order. It is a normal function.

Is the suggestion and the existing PO on MAIN?

Pay attention to the dates as Dave says

Any modifications to the requisition worksheet?

There were issues with the first 2009 release, not sure when this was resolved - check with your partner who can verify the fixes.

Existing PO

Header Posting, Order & Doc Date - 3/7/11

All Items for Main

Requested Receipt Date – 4/11/11 (Which makes all Line Items have an Order Date of 3/21/11 – Planned Receipt & Expected Receipt Date of 4/11/11)

Purch Req Worksheet ran with a Work Date of 3/16

Calculate Plan – Options tab set with Start Date of 3/16 and End Date of 4/6.

Not really sure what kind of an end date I am supposed to select. I just figure that most of the Items for this Vendor have a 3W lead time & so I chose 3 weeks out from the day I want to order.

Maybe it is a misunderstanding on our part of what the function of the worksheet is . . .

Your guidance is much appreciated!

By setting the end date as 4/6 you are telling it to ignore anything after this date - your PO is due in on 4/11 so you have told it to ignore it. Set you end date to teh end of the year as a test. By setting an end date of 3 weeks you eliminate forward orders, fine if you never have any outside of these 3 weeks, not fine if you do.

I wasn’t sure I clicked Post, so I hope this isn’t dupped. [:$]

I set the end date to the end of the year.

You will have to tell me if this was better . . .

Can you tell me why you use the policy you do?

Anyway 100610 you have an on hand of 22 there is a reorder point of 25 and you have a maximum of 59 the difference is 37 which is what it is telling you to order. This requirement is immediate, you need to order this now and to get you to your maximum you need 37. You say it has a 3 week lead time, it is saying it will arrive on 6th April, which is 12 days from now. It is then telling you to alter the quantity on your existing purchase order to 3, this is to match the sales order which I do not know the date of but guess it is 4/11.

This is the system replanning because you have manually raised orders. It is taking it into account and planning around it. Remember this is a suggestion on the setup you have made, so it is reacting in that manner. As an example if you had a fixed reorder point with reorder quantities it would have worked differently with the reorder lead time. On that point what is you reorder cycle for 100610? Not sure if it works with max but set it to 4W and run it again.

In my opinion Maximum is the worst of the NAV reordering policies, hisotrically the one with the most bugs in, but in this case it seems to be working fine.

The next line is the same, order 101 now, cancel the PO you have

Our Partner suggested the re-order policy that we have incorporated. But, that may have been what they thought we wanted based on our old system of ordering material from an AS400 platform that had a customized purch req for us which left for very little manual thinking when it came to ordering material.

This the Item Card setup for this Item and is how everything in the system is set up.

7752.Purch Req3.jpg

I had ran the above worksheet with a work date of 3/16, so the 4/6 date was correct at 3 weeks.

And yes, by what you have told me it is working with the parameters we have set in place. So, because we have manually entered a PO with amounts that were uncalcuated and a due date that is not the norm, this is what we should expect to see and that the Purchasing Agent would have to manuarlly examine the order and adjust when needed. We were in very high hopes that Navision would take the existing PO scenario and incorporate it in, but it is so much more complicated than that as I see now.

Because there isn’t any good documentation (or at least we don’t have any except for the feeble help file), it is hard to know what exactly we want/need. It would be nice to have specific examples of how they all work. If you have information for a source for something like that, it is appreciated.

I am going to run another test with your suggestion of entering in a reorder cycle to see what different outcomes I get.

I thank you very much Adam for time you have spent with me on this.


You should be able to download the planning manual from customersource, you should have access to customersource if you are on a maintenance plan, make sure your partner gives it to you.

I have nothing with regards to documentation I am afraid, I have not worked with NAV for 4 years.

Adam, this is the result when I added a Reorder Cycle:

So it dropped off the ordering of 37 pcs and added it to the 3 for a total of 40 pcs needed to reach my max inventory. Suggesting that I needed to change my existing PO to 40 pcs and not the 50 that were ordered.

I have read over the Reorder Cycle function and quite got a grasp on what it’s impact is in correlation to the lead time. I wll start playing with Items for this particular Vendor and see how it impacts the reqs.

Thanks again for your assistance. It seems that I didn’t have a problem other than misunderstanding the worksheet and its functions.

Hi Miki

Glad I could help - good luck with it.


Anybody Having Idea of this new field addition. Please replay back the purpose and necessary setup to note when this has to be work properly.