Purchase Report by GL Account Code

Good day,

I did some searching on the internet and couldn’t find anything useful. So perhaps someone on this forum might be able to help.

In regards with purchasing, we need a report that will show every line loaded against a specific general ledger code. The reason for this is to check how much we have allocated to a project which will then be compared to budgeted amount. So the report needs to include everything from approved quotes to invoices.

Extra information:

  • We are using Dynamics NAV 2009 R2

  • Purchase orders are archived when they are complete

  • I have access to the object designer

  • I have access to SQL Server Reporting Services

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Can you not acheive this from the specific G/L Code?

Taking the option G/L Balance by Dimensions?

You can extract the report from G/L Entry table,Purchase Header,Purchase Invoices.

But purchase quotes won’t show up on the G/L? Or am I perhaps missing something?

Thanks, I’m going to have a look at the tables you mentioned.

Why do u require Purchase quotes (Quotes are just a document not even a confirm order), your allocation will be considered only when invoice is raised and amount gets impacted in the GL

That is when u can compare actual vs budgeted amount.

Try to discuss the point with your Finance.


Faisal Bukhari

Yes, usually one would want to look at Actual vs Budgeted figures, but not in this case. The projects department would like to see Planned + Actual vs Budgeted figures.

- Our projects all have unique G/L accounts

I already managed to give them an accurate list which I sourced from the Purchase Line and Purchase Line Archive tables. But it required a lot of cleanup due to duplicates and it was a flat report, so they can’t refresh it.

- Even though purchase quotes won’t show on the G/L, the No_ field shows the G/L account number to which it will be allocated