Purchase Price to be used in Production Costing

Hello AX 2012 World,

Need your help on my production costing. My objective is to use purchase price on my consumed BOM to reflect on Production Price Calculation-realized consumption. Item is managed by batch and I am using FIFO. Other set-up created: Cost price model is item purchase price and was able to choose latest purchase price.

During picking list lines, it is reflected in the reference of the line item that the cost price is based on purchase price (FIFO). However, when I report as finished and even declare it as ended, AX calculates On-hand cost price.

Did I miss something on my set-up? Ideas are highly appreciated to help me hit my objective.

Best regards,

Jr Barte

On the dimension group the financial inventory must be ticked at batch, you must then end production and run the inventory close to push costs through. You will only see estimated costs at pick and RAF, has to be ended AND inventory updates made.

Thank you Adam.