Purchase order workflow submit/Approval on line level


I am new to workflow framework.
My requirement is that , currently when we submit the workflow for PO, it goes to certain person based on the purchase order workflow configuration. once user approves entire Po got approved.

Now, I need to customize this as, if PO has 4 lines with different procurement category and amount, and when we submit workflow , this should go for approval to 4 different people as we have 4 different procurement categories. and once all lines got approved then entire PO should get approved.

Please suggest , any approach or any class that I can customize for to achieve this.

You can add conditional steps for Purchase Order Lines that must be satisfied before the overall PO condition is met. Those steps can be assign conditional to Purchase order line: Procurement Category to a specific User or User Group. We have Line approval based on financial string for our PRs and POs.

Hello JS,

Could you please help me , how can I configure this with PO workflow template?
If you have any steps please suggest.