Purchase Order Template


My company will be implementing Dynamics AX 2012 later this year, in the mean time, we need to create a purchase order template, that will easily enable mass upload into AX 2012 once we have it fully implemented. Anyone have a good template that works, or experience in doing this?


any update for this issue with clear steps in implementation ? , thanks.

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Hisham Alsayed.

You can write a script for importing PO? Or you can also check with data migration framework.


Hi Pavan,

Could you share me that what are all the tables need to consider for PO import in AX 2009 and 12 ?

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Hi Lally,

To upload the purchase orders, you need to have the items uploaded in AX as a prerequisite. The header of the Purchase Order are in PurchTable and the Lines are in PurchLine. You will need to upload the Purchase Order lines using the LotID.