Purchase Order Status Change

Hi, All,

I have to update the PurchaseOrder status of PO after posting the Product Receipt(Status-Received) based on some scenarios.

Please suggest me how to do this using X++ code and how the status of the PO has been changed(Confirm, Receipt list, Product receipt, etc)…?

Thanks in Advance…

What does that mean?

It will be in the related posting class. For product receipt,


Thanks for ur reply…I have tried debugging upadteDocumentStatus() method of PurchTable…But the debugger was not hitting while posting receipts list…

Posting receipt list will not update the purchase order status.

I thought it was purch status. Document status will be updated when you post the receipt list.

This will be running in IL, so you have to disable “Execute business operations in IL” (In tools - options)

Thanks for your reply…I want to know about purchstatus only not documentstatus(Mistake was mine)…

PurchStatus doesn’t have a status with name receipt list. It will be either open order || Received || Invoiced || Cancelled.

Yes…How will it gets changed …?

Look at \Data Dictionary\Tables\PurchTable\Methods\updateBackStatus

Thanks Kranthi…It’s working…