Purchase order registered quantity is showing in Available physical , Is it a bug or not?

Purchase order registered quantity is showing in available physical but it is not received. But also it can be sold or transferred to different warehouse . Is it a bug or not?


It’s not a bug. In AX, once the item is registered, the inventory status is Registered (adding qty in inventory). The status changed to received when product receipt is posted.

You physicality have it because you have registered it.

Thanks Adam. one more question , does it cause any financial error when we transfer or sell the registered item without doing product receipt ?

Unless item is evaluated to std cost, usually you’ll see warning message(s) at inventory closing and that’s it.
No physical or financial cost is registered for the received qty,

On the other side, for std cost evaluated items, registered items comes with the std value = qty x std cost.Also, sold or consumed inventory coming from a registered stock entry is evaluated at std cost.