Purchase order one receipt multiple invoices


Suppose i have one purchase order with 10 item product receipt posted, now i got one invoice with 2 items, later i got another invoice with 8 items.

Now i have to post these two invoice against with one receipt. I change the invoice amount from 10 to 2 when the first time i post the invoice.Theoretically, i should be able to post another invoice against the receipt. but unfortunately the invoice button is grayed out. (the point is i can post another in the Microsoft demo system)

Is there any configuration i have to do to make it’s possible for me to post invoice twice ?

many thanks.


When you do the invoice update first time then you don’t do it based on product receipt as this was 10. Probably you have the field “Default quantity for lines” on invoice update to value “Product receipt quantity” but this value should be “Ordered quantity”. Then there will (probably if the whole orderline is received) 10 on the line and you need to change the value to 2 (the quantities per invoice).

Also on in the invoice update form - for each line - there is a “Invoice line - Match product receipt” if you need to make “complex” matches between an invoice and product receipts.

Hi Daxer

thanks for you reply.

On the dynamics ax demo system, by using the “Product receipt quantity” for field “Default quantity for lines”. if i post the invoice with less quantity, the system still allow me to post the rest . i didn’t do any additional configuration. But on my own system if i post a less quantity, the rest quantity is gone.

On the below figure we can match the product receipt with the invoice line.

Do i have to change the quantity for the field “Product receipt quantity to match” every time if i want to post a less quantity ? what does the field “Inventory quantity to match” mean ?

many thanks.

This problem is fixed by configure the same amount for field “Product receipt quantity to match”