Purchase Order <-> Purchase Quote qty to receive

Hi, This is what happens From the Purchase Quote i send to the purchase Order, when this happens the Qty. To Receive is atomatiacally is filled woth the qty ordered (I want this to be Zero[Ugh]), and then lets say we delete all the qty to receive and then put in the actual qyt to receive then i post → receive it will put the remaining qty in the qty to receive (I want it to be Zero![Ugh]), Before i make like somekind of funtion is there a setting i am missing or something ?

Hi Ziad, You will have to make changes in the Make Order & Posting routines Regards Albert

Hi Ziad, QUotes must wotk like this … But have you ever try to do it from blanket order ?? … may be you can reach what do you want … you can make blanket order and determine the actuall qty to receive … then make order … so you can post this order completely … and handle the remaining qty from the blanket it self to make another order from it… try it and it will work