Purchase Order Invoicing - Short Receipts

Our Accounts Payable would like a way to handle ‘short receipts’ on PO’s. They would like to be able to process the invoice in full, but because of the shortage they don’t want the invoice to “pay” until the procurement team approves the payment. If they approve the invoice to pay in full then they want to release the invoice.

Does anyone know or currently have a way that they handle this scenario in their current DAX world? Is there some type of configuration to handle the routing of PO’s? Can payment proposals be used in this way?

How are you getting around the fact that if you physically book 8 in and then process an invoice for the cost amount of 10 that the unit cost is inflated, and if you are processing the invoice for a quantity of 10 it will physically receive the 2 in. Why not simply put the invoice on hold using standard functionality until it is approved?

Adam - we ended up reviewing and going with what I believe you suggested… Once we post the invoice, we go to that vendor and under vendor transactions place the invoice “On-Hold”. This over-looks the payment proposal process and will allow our procurement team to review the PO discrepancy with the vendor. Once resolved they can then remove the invoice hold and process payment. Thanks