Purchase Order Delivery date means Vendor's shipment date or buyer's receiving date?


We are in a business where Orders are always executed on Ex-Works Warehouse(supplier’s ) Terms.

We’re trying to figure out what date does “Delivery Date” specified in purchase order hold?

Does it hold the date on which Items will be available at suppliers warehouse or does it hold the date at which items will arrive at buyer’s warehouse?

Any idea about this?

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Michael Brown

It is the expected delivery date.

Asking your vendor to deliver the goods by that date - It is the date by which the item are to be at your warehouse.

Why do you really bother about, when the goods are going to arrive at vendors warehouse when you are only purchasing them from the vendor?

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for your prompt reply. We are into international business and it takes anywhere between 1-5 days for shipping the items from a country to another. Generally, our vendors supply the parts Ex-Works their warehouse. It is important to know that when they’ll be able to ready parts at their warehouse so that we can instruct our Freight Forwarder to pickup the goods.

What I understand is, Delivery date is in conjunction with Delivery Terms. If it is Ex-Works vendor’s Warehouse, delivery date will hold date of availability at Vendor’s warehouse.

Is it true?

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It is the date when the items need to be delivered to the warehouse specified in the purchase order lines.

Is the Ex-Works vendor is a Sub-Contractor?

No, the Vendors are approached only when they can supply items which our customer requires.

Anyways thanks for your answer, it really helped me. [Y]


Hi Kranthi,

Do you know where I can set up the address of the warehouse in Ax?

You can set up the Address of the Warehouses as follows:

Inventory Management > Setup > Inventory Break down.

  1. Click on Warehouse.
  2. From the Right-side Actions, click Alt. Address.
  3. Add new row and enter the Address and its Type.

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