Purchase order Delivery date changes

We are maintaining standard purchase order lead times. when we create purchase order lines automatically the system suggests for Delivery date by comparing the standard purchase lead time setup. Sometimes, the suppliers agrees to send the items less than the standard lead time. In this case, if we modify (Earlier date than the standard suggested date) the delivery date in the purchase order lines the system is not accepting the date.

(If we postpone the date, the system accepts the modification). Is there any parameter to be set for this control.

Example: items standard lead time: 10 days.

Purchase order date : 01-Nov-xxxx

When the order line is created, the system suggests the Delivery date as 11-Nov-xxxx.

We can change the field with any date greater than 11-Nov-xxxx. But if we want to set the date as 06-Nov-xxxx, It is not possible.

Thanks in advance.

The Delivery date field which you are talking about will be calculated & suggested by the system which can’t be changed to an earlier date.

when supplier agrees to send it on a specific date, that you can specify in “Confirmed” date field. Later point of time it will be useful for analysis.

Thanks Santosh.

As per our business guideline, we are not allowed to enter in the “Confirmed” field. Only after the acknowledgement received from the supplier the purchase line will be updated with the “Confirmed” date.

Initially, we want to update the required date in “Delivery date” field only. Unfortunately, the system is not allowing to edit earlier dates whereas it is allowing to edit later dates.

Any other parameter and setup to be configured to get the required results.

As per my knowledge you do not have a parameter to control this. I would suggest you to have another date field to track this.

So, you will have three fields. one is system suggested delivery date, tentative delivery date(newly added), confirmed delivery date.

What santosh said is right , but you need to take care about the new field flowing in to relevant Purchase order tables and standard purchase order reports also , because just adding the field to Purchase order form does not solve your problem .

Hi Siva,

I can understand your issues because, we have faced the same problem. Initially, we are also thought of adding new fields as suggested by Santosh. But our “Master Planning” did not consider the newly added field. Once again, we did not want to make customizations in Master planning module.

In real time business, this is a common requirement for purchasing department to adjust the date in both ways (Prepone and Postpone). We found the following workaround and meet the requirement without any customization.

We have used the “Delivery schedule” option and defined the earlier date in the delivery schedule form. If you want to postpone the system suggested date, no need to use the delivery schedule form. It perfectly meets our requirement without doing any changes.

Hope it will meet your requirement.

Hi Anumar ,

Can you explain where this option is available in AX 2012 ? and what about in AX 2009 ?

Hi Lally,

This feature is available in AX2012 only and not in AX 2009.

In AX2012, Open the required Purchase order > Line view > in the line view form click the “Purchase order line” menu, the first option is “Delivery schedule”. Click the “Delivery schedule” and you can enter your delivery date and required quantity for multiple schedules.

Hi Anumnkar,

You are rocking.

Really it works for us. No customization and no changed in reports.

Perfectly meets the requirement.

Thaks a lot.