Purchase Order Creation based on Purchase Requisition in ax 2012 R2 and R3

we know PR is informal document and PO is formal document. I have set two different workflow for PR and PO.

First, to explain my question, I will describe an example, i have created a PR document with single line, then after processing of the PR document, RFQ document that was created based on PR. in the document RFQ, vendor selection has been approved and added to PR document. Then our PR document is approved.

Now, PR document either manually or automatically, can be converted into a document Po.

I have some questions here,

Why after becoming PR to Po, Po will create a document that is approved status? why not draft?


Why Our Po document, workflow that is designed for the purchase order does not go through? (in other hand, my purchase order workflow should trigger currently it is not happening for PO flowing from PR and RFQ, but it is happening for manually created PO.)

  1. The PR has requisition cycle and it’s closed only when it is approved as per setup. Since PO is already approved when it was in requisition, system considers the PO as approved which makes sense also. Why would users approve same purchase twice?

  2. When you activate Change management in Procurement parameter and if you create PO, the PO is created in draft status with active workflow. User has to submit the PO and it will be approved as per workslow setup since requisition wasn’t created for that PO and the PO has to undergo approval process.

The ultimate goal here is to approve all the purchasings once and not all time.


Thanks for your response,

I know about the Change management and outcomes after setting it on PO document also know.

One of our goals in designing workflow PO, PO document pending to the user (or queue) is based on the procurement catalogs. in fact, I want to continue the process of purchasing, the document PO Pending to buyer user.

So, I will ask the question to other form,

How to can assign a PO document to user(buyer) while the document is created PO from a PR document?

thanks again…