purchase order approval functionality in AX 2009

Hi ,

Does AX 2009 has the standard approval process based on amount wise ?

If yes, can you guide me the path .

Hi Ameen,

It can be done with the help of workflow configuration. U can set the condition thr. Based on that it can be approved

Hope u can get some idea based on this.



But you need to develop teh workflow components, there is no out of the box purchase order worksflow in AX2009, just Purchase Requisition.

What i have understood is AX 2009 has the standard approval functionality with customization , but for Purchase order need to customize.

tell me ,who has to develop the workflow components and does it applicable to ax 2012 also or ax 2012 has any standard approval configuration.?

In AX2009 you need a developer to develop teh workflow components (you need to sit with the client and map all processes to pass to the developer).

In AX2012 workflow has been completely re-written and you can write it as an end user on the purchase order.

Hi ,

Is there any manual available how to configure the approvals for purchase order in AX 2012 ?

please let me know the path of the document in partner source ?

Nope nothing I can think of, I can only suggest you use the partnersource search functionality.

I have got the Purchase Order Approval workflow XPO from http://sumitsaxfactor.wordpress.com/2009/07/27/workflow-detailed-development/mith

but I can’t understand how to configure it .I have configured PR workflow it’s Working Fine .

any one have Idea ,how to do it ?.

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