Purchase on Project

I want to purchase items on a project number, but I want the items to be placed in stock, instead of posting them as project costs. Can anyone help me? Regards, Sander van Loon


Hm, why do you want it like this? Typically when purchasing to a project, one does not want this inventory to be available or even visible to anthing else. If you store it in a warehouse, it will be “anonymous” inventory that any sales or prod. order could allocate.

Hi Sander - I think you may have some success using an ‘Item Requirement’ on the project. If you create a direct PO, it will be consumed directly to the project. Instead, use the Item/Item requirement option from the project (This is actually the sales line table). Fill in the item you want to order here, then use function/create purchase order, select include all, and create the PO. Then, when you packing slip update the PO, you will be asked “Do you wish to consume to the project immediately” Y/N. If you select No, the goods go to stock but are reserved against the item requirement (sales lines) that you created. When you want to consume the goods, you must ‘deliver’ the item from the item requirement form. You don’t say what version you are using but the item requirement option is ony available on version 3. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your input. I did help. Regards, Sander van Loon