Purchase ledger payment proposal

Does the purchase ledger payment proposal work well in practice? Are there any failings or irritations? We have started using axapta recently and find it a little baffling. Is it possible to pay invoices up to the next six days but have the payment dated today rather than the future actual invoice payment due date? Is there a trick to making the delete negative payments checkbox work?

  1. When you run the proposal, set the to date as usual. Delete the default value that the system enters in the ‘Minimum date’ field, and enter the date you wish the journal line to be dated in the ‘Total payment date’ field. 2. Not sure what this is trying to do - doesn’t seem to have any effect on or off. I usually just run the proposal and then set a filter where credit values are >0 and delete any credit lines.

Thanks, Adam. 1. What I want to do is make all my payments dated today, but include invoices due tomorrow (or today+1,2,3 etc) Using payment proposal with today in the minimum date field still means the payment due tomorrow has a transaction date of tomorrow. 2. “doesn’t seem to have any effect on or off” Is this a bug?

  1. Fine. So enter todays date + 1,2,3 days in the ‘to date’ field and enter the date of the payment (today) in the total payment field. This works for me. 2. Don’t know if it’s a bug - mainly because I have little idea exactly what it is trying to do!!

That’s great, we were using minimum date instead of total date. Thanks.