Purchase invoice with negative amount

Hi EveryOne, How we can purchase an item with negative amount ( the vendor/Customer shoul pay us to take from him an item (recycling items) after that we will sell this item. we should pay the transpot charges for this item. the transport is the only cost we have. i’m asking if there is a tips to do that in nav? , i’have tried to create a sales invoice with negative qte + item charge (pickup item) as amount the vendor /customer should pay us. but i’m unable to create a purchase invoice for transport (the cost to apply for these item)

Hi Radouans,

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Not quite sure I fully understand the flow, but then again, I’ve just come home from a family party, so let me try.

So you are “buying” items from your vendors, but the items do not have a price/cost? So neither you or the vendor have an actual invoice) And the “only” reason you need this, is that you would like link the actual cost, the transportation cost purchase invoices to the transaction?

What you suggest, to use item charges is the same I would do. When you get your transportation purchase invoice, then register it as item charges. These charges should be applied against the zero purchase/sales invoice.

And then again, I’m not quite sure I understand your problem correctly.

Hi Erik,

Thank you for your reply, i will try to give you a clear scenario, we get items and money from the vendor in the same time, the vendor give us items and have to pay us for that (because we will clean his place from unused items ) , but these items will be sell to our clients (recycling items) . the only cost we will have is the transport ( from another vendor) and we should apply between the two documents.

for the first operation 1: i tried to create a sales invoice with negatif qty to make a postif inventory and the second line as item charge to charge this vendor= customer) . what do you think Eric?

Thank you in advance.

Ahh yes, that’s a little tricky. You basically need to reverse the inventory and money flow, compared with most other companies.

You cannot use a sales orders/invoices with a negative quantity. Neither can you have a purchase invoice with a negative total.

In terms of understanding item charges and their usage, then I can recommend you this blog post:


So item charges wouldn’t give you the right functionality either.

As I see, then you cannot do this in the standard system, it would need some changes to do it like you described. The only workaround I can think of would be to create a both a sales invoice with the transport cost amounts, and a purchase invoice, with no costs. Not ideal, the alternative is to contact a partner, to get it analyzed in detail, for them to come up with a proposal for a customization to solve this.

Thank you very much Eric.

You’re welcome, sorry I couldn’t help you more. [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

Actually Navision purchase and sales documents don’t care about the sign of the quantities, you can post negative quantities no problem, the issue is that the TOTAL AMOUNT must be positive.So you should focus on the accounting side of this. in reality the supplier is paying you money, so in that case treat them as a customer. Create a sales invoice something like:

Type No Description Qty Price Amount
Item ITEM001 The Item that we get from the vendor -42 0.00 0.00
G/L FREIGHT Freight purchasing account 42 200.00 8,400.00
Total 8,400.00

Hi David,

Thank you very much for your reply, your solution is correct for the first scenario, but there’s another thing i didn’t yet find a solution for it, i should apply some transport freight for these items. i have a purchase invoice for transport and i should apply it as item charge to get a cost for tthese items’,

Thanks David.

OK so to clarify The vendor pays you money to take the item, and then you pay the freight charges.


Item Qty  Vendor --> you
Item Amount Vendor --> You
Freight Charge You --> Transport company.

In this case it ultimately comes down to whether the fright is more than the amount the vendor pays you. Since you need the difference to be positive,

I think it would be easier if you could share a real life example with numbers. Right now it isn’t clear exactly what you are trying to achieve, but ultimately you do NOT want to have items in stock with a negative cost.

Thanks David for your reply. Example :

Vendor A—> Item A 10 ST -10 $ = -100 $

Vendor B —>Transport 200 $

We need after that to apply the transport to Item A .


Then I would just keep it simple.

Purchase 10 items from the freight company @$20 each This will put Qty=10 Value = $200.

Then invoice the Vendor $100 as a Charge Item and allocate that negative amount to the 10 items, given a net cost of $10 each.

Hi David, but i cannot invoice the vendor -$ 100 as a charge item, as you know navision deny posting negative amount . that what you mean or i’m wrong?

Where is there a negative amount?

is this a real life example? In my experience, when an example uses round numbers like Qty 10 and values of 100 and 200 it looks like a made up example. If you gave a real life example the numbers would make more sense. Round numbers like this never work in examples, because 200-100 = 100 and 100-200 = -100 so it makes it very unclear.

Hi David,

Thank you very much, i found a solution based on your propose.

Vendor B ( Transport) with (Po Document)

Item A 10 0 $

Item Charges 1 200 ( i applied this item charges in the same document + Creation an receipt document)

Vendor A with ( Credit Memo Document)

Item charges 1 100$ (applied item charge to receipt document )

after that i get what i’m looking for.

Thank you very much David.

Glad to help.