Purchase Invoice Lines

Hello Developers!

This is my first post… so a bit of an intro… I am sort-of-new to C/AL. Been programming for the last 1 month (?) …

I have hit a roadblock recently and hope to get it resolved on this forum… I am trying to create purchase invoice lines from my program. I validate (and supply new values) for Document Type, No. etc., However, when I run the program, the line number is not getting assigned [*-)] Could some of the genius out there help me out with this? I also find that the standard Navision calls “ShowShortcutDimensionCode” after validating the “No.” field. Why doesnt it happen when I validate No field? I am sure there is something else I am missing.

Hoping to get this resolved quick [:)]

Firstly Vaibhav, welcome to The Dynamics User Group (DUG). [^]

1/ Firstly on a Purchase Order Lines SubForm there is a property “AutoSplitKey” this tells Navision to automatically insert a new Line No. If you are using code to create lines, then you need to manuallly create the number with code. These thread explains this

2/ On the shortcut dim issue probably need to see a snippet of the code to see what is going on otherwise we are just guessing.

Hi David,

Thanks a lot for the information. I thought that there should be somewhere NAV was hiding away the functionality [:D] I think this resolves that issue. Thanks a million!!