“Purchase Document – Test” Report and Canadian Taxes

I setup GST and PST taxes using Sales Taxes functionality (Tax Area, Tax Jurisdictions etc.). When I post Purchase Invoice everything works fine. But I have a problem with “Purchase Document – Test” Report which doesn’t print sales taxes out. This report reflects only VAT amounts which are not used in Canada.

It looks like Canadian users are not supposed to use this report. Is that true? Do I have to create my own report instead of standard one to show taxes before posting?

IMHO all pre-posting Test reports should be customized for country, as legal requirements differ… and accountant wishes, too :slight_smile:

For us standard reports were practically of no use, so special ones were designed, which even “play” posting routine to show all amounts by G/L Accounts affected.

Don’t know details for Canada, but looks like you are in the same situation, and if special reports don’t exist already in localization, you should make them…